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The SRES designation is held by only about 5% of realtors nationwide. Most agents that hold the designation offer their real estate services to the age 50+ population while maintaining their regular real estate business. What sets us apart is that we serve and are dedicated only  to the 50+ age population. We partnership and bring people together to fill individual needs and navigate through the inevitable unique financial and lifestyle transitions we all are facing.

You will notice that our website does not offer a  "home search" section. It's because we consult with you first to listen and understand your specific goals, desires and time frame for your next move. Then we copartner with independent, assisted, special care living facilities and ancillary service companies like senior move companies, elder care attorneys, senior care specialists etc. if needed to make your home transition smooth and hassle free. 

A boomer myself, I have the education, expertise and life experience to understand and serve you as trusted advisor in your transition from your family home to your new life experience!



Aging in Place

 For many where you live - the community or at home - at retirement is where you want to live out the rest of your life.  Does this mean you do not move to new homes or communities? On the contrary, some relocate before reaching an age or lifestage milestone.  Second-home owners may move to their vacation homes for aging in place while another trend is relocating to a future retirement residence and commuting from there before full retirement. 


Aging in the Community

 This refers to remaining in a familiar community but a more suitable residence like a condo, apartment or different house, with friends, family, activities and support services nearby. Or relocating to a community that provide a safe environment and needed service and support or just moving closer to family. 


Aging in the Home

 You remain in  your current home accessing the nearby support services and modifying the home as needs change. 

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